focused on balancing life as a twenty something



Welcome to B by Bianca!

I am a 23 year old girl who grew up in a rural town in Connecticut. After reluctantly graduating from the University of Connecticut I immediately got a job that I loved working in sports marketing. College was a whirlwind for me, I was always doing something with my team or my amazing friends, which is exactly how I met the love of my life. My boyfriend is an amazing athlete, and once he joined me in the post grad world he one hundred percent shocked me and asked me to move across the world with him. Now, I’m the same 23 year old girl from a rural town in Connecticut living in an even smaller town in central Greece.

It’s all about the balance…

I want this piece of my life to be a place where other twenty-somethings can read about my attempt at handling life post grad. B by Bianca is a lifestyle blog all about how I handle the situations life loves to throw at me! I try to focus my entire life around the concept of balance, and not in a yoga pose way. I mean balance as in equally distributing weight, or attention, to each area of my life. I feel that when everything I care about is tended to it is almost impossible to not feel like my best self. I really appreciate you stopping by, and I hope that I can encourage and inspire you to read my words and balance your own life as well!