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THE VIBE: Hiatus

THE VIBE: Hiatus

THE VIBE: Hiatus

Balancing: Boredom and Commitment

Last week instead of blogging, I took a little hiatus and I apologize. There was so much stress surrounding me that I really needed to take certain things off my mind and unfortunately this was one of them. I will deff make up for it now!

Of course, there were issues with K’s travels. He was STUCK in Greece, for two weeks. When we were in Greece making our last minute plans to leave, it was his number one priority to get me home first. When I got home we realized there were problems with his paperwork and he would be stuck in Athens until it was resolved. We all know what I went through for paperwork…and TWO WEEKS LATER, he is finally with his new team and settled in a new apartment.

During my blog hiatus, I did a lot of reading, yoga and tried to catch up on my sleep. The guilt that K was alone and bored in a country he wasn’t fond of was quite literally consuming me. I know I had to get home and there was no way for us to know this would happen but I wanted to be there for him and I couldn’t. We have decided that I will be going to Poland so that’s super exciting! Already looking up fun things to see, do and especially eat!



What I’m thinking for this week:

This whole job situation: When I first got home I was thinking I NEED a job, then when K mentioned going to Poland I was like freeze, maybe I should chill on the job search. Now I’m home alone on a Monday morning and I’m thinking temp-life is the way to go. Last summer I was temping in NYC and it was convenient, non-committal and super easy work. With K’s career so up in the air how can I sign a contract to work for someone, when I don’t know what I’ll be doing the next week/month/year?!

Right now I think the most important thing is being able to save money and live with my parents. I’ve got a couple interviews with temp agencies this week in CT and I think it’s going to be really good for me to have work to look forward too.

Calm Down: When I feel bored and like I don’t have a lot to do I usually hit the gym super hard. While I was chilling out last week I went every day, and even twice in one day. On Friday I went a little too hard and pulled a muscle in my back. When I woke up Saturday morning for Yoga I was HURTING. I think that was a sign, meaning Bianca can you locate some chill?

Water: As in, freaking drinks more. Apparently, I’ve lost all will to stay hydrated and that needs to change pronto.

Focus on B: Not like focus on me personally, but focus on the blog. I wanna be one of those girls in a couple years that’s like “When I started B I had no idea it would turn into this” so that’s my motivation.  Before starting I did a lot of research on how to be successful how to start and what not. Now I need to focus on how to bring people here!

K mentioned he would help because he’s social media famous (eye roll) but I want to be able to do a lot of it myself. Still working on my fears of people judging, but like I said before who cares.



Remodeling: I made the mistake of going to Target and visited the dreaded dollar bins. I found such cute desk supplies and was so excited to go home and set up my area. My father is an UNREAL carpenter and designed our whole house and everything inside. The last time I used the desk area in my room I was probably in high school and I realized at 23, I needed more counter space to spread out.

I made the mistake of mentioning this at dinner, and he got up from the dinner table, walked into the garage, then walked by my mother and me with a sledgehammer. Two seconds later we heard the boom and the crash, to find out he smashed my desk and agreed to remake it. Well, fixing my desk turned into a whole fiasco of remodeling my room which I’m totally in love with now. Fixing my desk also turned into redoing my older brother’s room (he moved out years ago) and now the whole right wing of our house in under construction….

Just Because: Not to be preachy at all, but I have this thing for animal rights. I’m not vegetarian because I’m Italian and if I ever said that to family they’d prob send me to church or force feed me, but if I could I would. I may have even called PETA on one of K’s friends for not paying enough attention to his new puppy … ANYWAYS, all of my friends ask me “Why haven’t you mentioned your dog yet?” and to be honest I’ve been saving her to talk about because once I start it’s hard to get me to stop! Here is a picture of my Della that I couldn’t not share.



Inspiration for this week: 



Need I say more? Have a great week filled with ONLY good vibes! Go get’em girls

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