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WELLNESS: Winter Skin

WELLNESS: Winter Skin

Balancing: The terribly cold winter and the moisture of your skin!

The winter time for me always means battling with dry skin. Being back on the east coast brought back my itchy dry skin really really fast. Since being home I’ve gone back to my top 5 favorite remedies and would love to share them.

I often have dry skin on my face because of acne medicine that I am prescribed. I’ll never forget one day K and I were at breakfast and he said: “Bianca, don’t get embarrassed but you have so much dry skin around your mouth.”  Obviously, he didn’t mean anything by it, but what could I do at breakfast?! The first thing I thought was, “OMG my face is falling off and people can see.”

I learned two valuable lessons that morning. One, don’t leave for breakfast without looking in the mirror and two, ALWAYS moisturize first thing in the morning.

1. Cetaphil Wash & Moisturizer

I swear by any and all Cetaphil products. This is the only wash and moisturizer I can use that doesn’t leave me with a HUGE break out the next day. Yesterday I went on a Target run and found out that they just started to make Cetaphil exfoliating scrub and I am SO excited. Exfoliation is so important to get rid of all the dead stuff. I decided on a different scrub because of my price point, but next time I will definitely buy it!




2. EXFOLIATE: St. Ives Apricot Scrub

St. Ives is one of those brands that only certain products work for me. I can ONLY use the exfoliating apricot scrub that says “Fresh Skin.” There is another apricot scrub called “Blemish Control” and ironically whenever I use that I wake up with a breakout. The apricot Fresh Skin scrub smells wonderful and I’ve been using it for years. They have other great products like an oatmeal scrub, I haven’t tried this one yet but it smells so good I might give it a try next.


St. Ives


3. Epsom Salts and Baths

For me the most relaxing thing is filling the bathtub with hot water, pouring in a healthy amount of lavender Epsom salts, lighting some candles and turning the lights off. Epsom salts have so many health benefits including soothing dry irritated skin, helping with sore muscles, itch relief, decreasing swelling and even helping with illness. Epsom salts also can be used as a natural exfoliator. When I’m in the bath I make sure to use the water and extra salt on my legs.




4. Aquaphor or Vaseline

My hands have always been a sensitive issue. If my nails are nice and manicured I will leave them alone. However, once my skin starts getting dry I peel and peel sometimes leaving me with bloody cuticles and really painful areas. K always slaps my hands when he sees me picking. So in an attempt to help moisturize my hands I usually dip each finger in Aquaphor or Vaseline then rub a healthy amount on my hands and put gloves on. I leave the gloves on overnight and when I wake up my hands are 100% better.


5. Organic Body Oil

I’ve tried all kinds of fun lotions and body creams but the only thing my skin sucks up is body oil. Right after I get out of the bath or shower I coat my whole body with jojoba oil or a lavender body oil. The oil is safe enough to use on my face as well, it’s amazing how fast my skin soaks it up. I bought both oil’s at a natural food store near my house, but here is a similar lavender product from Amazon. I think a lot of the fun lotions have chemicals and scents that do the opposite of moisturizing and end up drying my skin even more.


skin care

There are so many cute brands that sell great scented lotions and oils with fun labels and bright colors. These are usually the ones with fun labels and bright colors. It’s unfortunate that these are also the brands that make my skin worse! It’s been so hard to find products that benefit me and don’t create breakouts and flaky skin!

Dry skin is something I’ve been battling my whole life. It’s not a pretty topic but it is so relevant in the cold winter months. I hope if you face dry skin you can use some of my remedies as well. If you have some go-to dry skin cure’s let me know in the comments, I’m always open to new suggestions!

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