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Balancing: The expected and the unexpected

I’m going to call this past week a life curveball.  I’m finally getting the chance to sit down and write about what has happened and I honestly don’t know where to start. I am writing from my parents house in CT. Shocking, because last week I wrote to you from Greece and I wasn’t due to leave until February.

There are a few things as an overseas basketball girlfriend that I’ve learned  to accept

  1. You never ask what will happen next week, next month or even next year
  2. Don’t get too comfortable
  3. Stay organized no matter what

I guess it started on Thursday, we were sitting in a cafe eating lunch when K got a phone call. I didn’t think anything of it, I just thought it was a confirmation for his doctor appointment later. After about 5 minute of silence he looks at me and says, “It looks like we are leaving sooner than we thought.”

We paid for our lunch, ran back to the hotel and started packing everything we own. K had to run in and out of the room to take phone calls (we had no service in our room) and I was separating all of our belongings into our suitcases. We packed boxes to ship, organized our clothes, and dealt with our laundry. The plan kept changing and the key was to stay calm.

In one word, Chaos.

The spark notes version: K was on a new team, and I was on a flight home. The whole situation was a complete blur. I was sad, I didn’t want to leave Kentan, and I was so completely confused. After 5 hours in a car, 3 hours in an airport, 11 hours on a place, and another 2 hours in a car I’ve finally regained some sense of reality.

I don’t want to write in cliche’s but life can change instantly. Before that phone call we assumed we had two more weeks together. We did our best, we stayed calm and we handled what life threw our way. I believe that whatever happens is exactly how the story is supposed to go. I’m hoping that this sudden change is just how our story gets better.


the vibe

What I’m thinking about for this week:

Family: Being away from family for a period of time puts things in perspective. My focus for this week is spending time with my family. I missed them just as much as they missed me, so my first week back is spent with loved ones.

  • Shopping with mom
  • Football with Dad
  • Quality time with brother

Organization: Being back means looking for a job, looking for a job means having a busier schedule, having a busier schedule means I need a new planner! Today I ordered my 2018 planner from Hadron Epoch and I am SO excited to get it in the mail!!

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Food: While I was away I was very careful to NEVER step on a scale. I didn’t want to know what was going on. However, when I woke up Saturday I felt the urge for some disappointment, and low and behold I lost over ten pounds in Greece. No idea how, because as you know i love the desserts. Life’s all about balance right? So this week I will for sure be balancing plates of food that I missed the most

Yoga: Allow me to channel my inner hippie, something I love and didn’t continue in Greece was yoga. I did do pilates three times a week, but there is something about yoga that is so completely soothing. This week I’m going to get back into the swing of things with a couple of local yoga classes. I couldn’t be more excited to be in a workout class where the teacher speaks english!!!!

Inspiration: I haven’t been on social media the past couple of days because of the chaos, the jet lag and the lack of care to be honest. So I’m going to inspire you all with this.

Balancing involved self care, meaning you do nice things for yourself. Why don’t we all take a second this week to balance self care, and doing something caring for someone else. I’m asking you readers to do something nice for someone else this week.

While I was walking through the airport in Athen’s I found myself often thinking of people’s “stories.” That girl crying in the security line, did she just leave a loved one? or a funeral? Or the couple holding hands, was it their honey moon? Or anniversary? We never know people’s stories or if they’re hurting or happy. So take a couple seconds to do something nice for someone that you don’t know their story.

Sending you all good vibes for the upcoming week! Remember that when life hands you the grapes, step on them and make the wine. Cheers!

the vibe

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