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THE VIBE: Being Brave

THE VIBE: Being Brave

THE VIBE: Being Brave

I always start The Vibe with a story, and I’ve been very open about my attempts at staying in Greece. After a month of non-stop police station visits and stress I’m finally throwing in the towel. I’m pretty sure my Greek friend is ready to break up with me after this mess.

The police station decided that I could stay an extra month. I’m pretty sure they did this just to stop seeing my face every single morning. I can’t speak Greek, but I do speak fluent body language and lemme tell you they were relieved to see me go.

With the decision to leave, comes the task of finding a job for when I get home. This means updating my resume, finishing my class online, and the dreaded thanks but no thanks e-mails. I am the type of person who cannot have nothing to do. Now, I’m determined to have something lined up for when I get home, even if it’s just interviews! My mom and dad said they give me two weeks before I’m pacing the house bored out of my mind, Kentan gives me one…


The Vibe


What I’m thinking about for this week:

Perspective: I need to keep perspective during the job hunt. Things do not happen overnight and I need to stay calm and keep perspective that it may take a million emails, but a job will come.

I also need to keep perspective that Kentan and I will only be apart for three months. I’m trying not to be a total DQ (drama queen) but it’s hard sometimes when I think about how far we’ve come since I arrived.

Enjoying the time I have left: This includes with the Greek friends I have made, and of course with K. The whole reason I made this trip was to start my life with Kentan. I am so thankful that I did because this experience has made us so much closer.

Staying Organized: So begins my list making…

  • List of things I will ship home
  • List of small gifts for the family
  • List of things to leave for Kentan
  • List of things to NOT FORGET

My Boots: If you’re close to me, you call me “B.” My mother sends the bumble B emoji instead of using my name. My friends forget that “Bianca” is my real name, that’s just how it goes. I walked by this shoe store the other day and saw black suede boots with Bumble Bee’s on them, so it was a no brainer.

I dragged my Greek girl with me the next day (and convinced her to buy a pair of shoes too) and they were 50% off. I got these boots for 15 EURO!! Pics to come, need a good fit to show them off.

Goal > Take More Pictures: I know my time here is winding down, so my goal is to take more pictures. My Greek girl has agreed to help me out in this department. I want this blog to be full of my Greek scenery, because it really is so beautiful.

INSPIRATION: I’m proud to say that I made a small step toward telling more people about B this week. My initial feeling was fear. I was afraid of what people would say, if they would make fun of me, or if they would even care.

Last week I was texting my best friend from home and I told her, “btw I started a blog” and she said “Girl, I know I follow you on Pinterest and I’m waiting on your next one.” Never did I think she would like it, because if there was anyone who was gonna call me out it was her. I was so relieved, and I was pumped.

With that and my boyfriends constant support and persuasion to share it, that’s exactly what I did. I’m not going to lie, because of my who my boyfriend is and where we went to college I don’t have many fans. I had a small group of best friends and I minded my business. I was SO afraid these people would find it and tear me apart.

Honestly though, who cares?

I did this, and am doing this for me. So my vibe this week is bravery because I did something that scared me and I’m going to keep doing it no matter who sees, who cares, and who reads.


being brave