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WELLNESS: Friday Workout

WELLNESS: Friday Workout

Balancing: Holiday binge eating and staying somewhat in shape

WELLNESS: Friday Workout

I have a strict rule that calories don’t count on holidays, birthdays or special occasions. With this morale and the holiday season just passing I knew I had to get get a good workout in ASAP.

The problem is, my gym here in Greece had a strange holiday schedule. This week they were closed Monday, Tuesday and Saturday and last week was a mess. I knew that I had to make the days they were actually open count. To me there is no better feeling than waking up the morning after a workout and feeling sore. It’s like a verification that you worked hard, I truly love to be sore. It makes me feel like the work I put in was worth it.

I was deff lacking motivation in my workouts on Wednesday and Thursday. I went to Pilates and did yoga, but I knew I really had to work up a sweat on Friday. My workout consisted of lower body and it was certainly a blast to my muscles. Today is Sunday and I am still hurting so I felt I had to share. See below for the workout!

I started with a 5 minute walk on the treadmill then I went in a private room for the following.

First Set

  • 10 on each leg lunges with one elevated with 4 KG weights
  • 10 up downs on each leg with 4 KG weights
  • 10 Good Mornings (with bar)

I did this set 4 times 

Second Set

With an exercise ball and a mat I did..

  • 10 hamstring curls
  • 10 glute bridges
  • 8 pistol squats

I did this set 4 times 

Last, I used a mat and a yoga block to stretch out with some basic yoga skills.

This might not seem intense for a hardo or serious athlete, but my butt and hamstrings are HURT today. I’m clearly no fitness expert but I deff take that as a good sign. Drink lots of water before and after to stay hydrated!