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THE VIBE: New Year!

THE VIBE: New Year!

THE VIBE: New Year

My Current Situation: We just cleaned and reorganized our hotel room, Kentan is watching Breaking Bad and I am typing away.

Apparently in Greece you don’t go out or do ANYTHING until AFTER 12 AM. Me being me, hurried Kentan to get vertical showered and dressed for 11 PM. I was dedicated to having a drink IN MY HAND when 11:59 turned to 12. We walked around trying to find a place that was open and everything was closed.

So we spent the stroke of midnight in our hotel lobby taking pictures and waiting for something to open! At about 1:15 we walked to a close by bar where the music was greek and there wasn’t a long line to get in.

Listen, I washed my hair and there was no way it was going to waste.


New Year


What I’m Thinking about for 2018:

I’ve never been a big “resolution” person because I always have it in my head that I’m me and that’s not ever gonna change. Call it stubborn, I call it realistic. This year I think I’m gonna give it a try…

Resolution One: Read more often

As you saw in my reading update, I’m going to make a conscious effort to read more. I’m either not able to put a book down, or my Kindle is dead for months at a time. Reading is such an escape, and I’ve learned that escaping reality every once in a while can be really beneficial.

Resolution Two: Start dressing in clothes that fit

I’m well aware that oversized is a trend, and I abuse that in every way. I’m always buying things at least one size sometimes two sizes too big. Kentan is the first person to point out that my clothes don’t fit (not in a mean way). He can’t understand why I’m barely 5 feet tall and I buy sweaters in a large. So, not “New year new wardrobe” but 2018 I might not trip on my pants anymore.

Resolution Three: The Blog

I started this blog thinking that it would be something to take up my time. Now, it’s become an outlet that I can’t believe I once didn’t have. Its a place I can throw my thoughts, my worries and things I love all together. B is where my family can see what I’m up to, for my friends to check on me and even for strangers to get to know me. I will not stop writing in 2018, better yet I vow to write more!

Finding Some Balance: It’s a new year, so why not try something different.

None of this new year new me stuff bc thats overdone and annoying. Why not just like new year new habits? Or new year I’m gonna change my attitude? I always roll my eyes at social media because there’s the people that are hardcore into New Year new me. Then there are the people that make fun of the new year new me believers.

Let’s balance the expectations the resolutions with who we are as people. I’m deff not gonna say in 2018 I’m going to jump out of a plane. One: I think it’s absolutely unnecessary and Two: I think people who want to jump out of a plane for fun need to find some chill in their lives another way. I’m going to say that in 2018 I will dress in clothes that fit, keep blogging and read more. All three realistic, something I as a person would do, and not life threatening in any way.


Good Vibes


INSPIRATION: I just finished the book All Grown Up by Jami Attenberg. It was a little depressing a little frustrating but sometimes she just had these killer one liners that I HAD to write down. The one I loved the most was so simple, but I absolutely loved it.

“Sundays are the days I am the most me I will ever be”

How great is that? Sunday is a day of rest, with no work and no worries. My Sundays consist of relaxing with Kentan, eating pasta, writing and normally red wine.


Happy New Year everyone! Sending you into 2018 with good vibes and positive energy!