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Month: January 2018

WELLNESS: Winter Skin

WELLNESS: Winter Skin

Balancing: The terribly cold winter and the moisture of your skin! The winter time for me always means battling with dry skin. Being back on the east coast brought back my itchy dry skin really really fast. Since being home I’ve gone back to my […]



Balancing: The expected and the unexpected I’m going to call this past week a life curveball.  I’m finally getting the chance to sit down and write about what has happened and I honestly don’t know where to start. I am writing from my parents house […]

THE VIBE: Appreciation

THE VIBE: Appreciation

THE VIBE: Appreciation

I apologize for this week’s late post, I’ve been so sick! Kentan left for an away game on Friday just in time for me to get a stomach bug. I spent all weekend in bed, alone and miserable. Other than being sick life’s been pretty low key. With this still new week I’m going to focus on my health, and getting back to 100%. I also want to force people to think about appreciation.

My Vibe for the week:


Appreciation: How do we show people we appreciate them?

K woke up in a terror the other night and said he had a bad dream, and appreciates me for all I do. It felt great, I needed to hear something nice and it totally got me thinking. It’s such an easy thing to call someone or just say hey! I appreciate you! I think we should all do it more often.

Mom & Dad: I could never, ever in a million years begin to sum up or explain all my parents have done for me. They’ve been nothing but supportive and helpful. So when K said, I appreciate you, the first peope I thought of were my parents! When was the last time I told them that? When was the last time I showed them that?

Don’t get me wrong I call and text them every day, but when I get home I know I’m going to have to spend a lot of quality time with them. Which to some people might sound hard, but to me it sounds like red wine and a lot of Italian food. I think my parents feel most appreciated when they feel we WANT to spend time with them, and WANT to be with them. So when I get home, I know I have a lot of making up to do and I can’t wait.

My Brother: My brother is a hero for a living, and he tries to carry that over into every other aspect of his life. He’s a firefighter, he’s a big brother to me, he rescued his animals and he helps anyone and everyone even if it puts him out. To top it off he’s really freaking funny. You might think I’m funny, but he’s in a league of his own. Sometimes I’ll text him just so he can make me laugh, and it is so appreciated.



Family: How do we show our loved ones? One thing I noticed while I’ve been away is how great getting mail is. When my aunt, or my mom sends me a card it gives my whole day a great vibe. I love seeing familiar handwriting, no one writes anymore! E-mails are fun too, but how great is it to see someone took the time to get a card, and buy an international stamp, and send a letter to me in Greece. That is love and appreciation in it’s purest form.


My Friends: Since I moved it’s been hard to keep in touch with people and maintain relationships. I feel that for most people if someone moves away it is “Outta sight outta mind” kind of tendancies. I have a few friends who religiously check up on me but other than that I haven’t heard much.

So last night one of my best friends Facetime’d me, and she’s busy with a big girl job and a man in her life so I haven’t heard from her much. When I saw her face on my phone, I started to tear up. After being in a country for four months where you see nothing but strange faces it was so incredible to see a familiar face, and one that I missed so so much.


My Boyfriend: I’m not gonna get sappy and make you all gag, but I love this guy. The past few months together has taught us so many valuable lessons. One of them being how important it is to tell eachother “I appreciate you.” I think a lot of the time people are taken for granted, and that is what can causes problems. Today he picked up our bill at lunch and I said thank you, and he kind of made a face like duh I’m going to feed you. It might mostly manners, and he was right it did sound funny to thank someone you’ve been dating for 4 years for lunch, but I wanted him to know things like that don’t go unnoticed. I appreciate him looking out for me, even for something as simple as lunch.


Inspiration: I’m gonna give my mom a mention… while we were growing up our “Golden Rule” was to treat others how you want to be treated. Going with the vibe of appreciation for this week I think this is a great thing to mention! We want to be appreciated by our loved ones, so lets spread the love and make it known!!

I also saw this on IG and loved it…




Showing people our appreciation = Worth our energy!

Have a great week everyone, sending you so many great vibes and good luck!!




Balancing: A busy schedule and getting fresh air On the rare occasion Kentan has a day off, and isn’t sleeping I try to get us out of the hotel. Actually, this past week it was his idea to go on somewhat of a hike, and […]

TRENDING: Sweater Weather

TRENDING: Sweater Weather

TRENDING: Sweater Weather The cold sucks, but its the only acceptable time to pile on the layers or wear your favorite pajamas for a whole weekend. You can say ew but we all know we’ve been there. My favorite thing to shop for HAS to […]

THE VIBE: Being Brave

THE VIBE: Being Brave

THE VIBE: Being Brave

I always start The Vibe with a story, and I’ve been very open about my attempts at staying in Greece. After a month of non-stop police station visits and stress I’m finally throwing in the towel. I’m pretty sure my Greek friend is ready to break up with me after this mess.

The police station decided that I could stay an extra month. I’m pretty sure they did this just to stop seeing my face every single morning. I can’t speak Greek, but I do speak fluent body language and lemme tell you they were relieved to see me go.

With the decision to leave, comes the task of finding a job for when I get home. This means updating my resume, finishing my class online, and the dreaded thanks but no thanks e-mails. I am the type of person who cannot have nothing to do. Now, I’m determined to have something lined up for when I get home, even if it’s just interviews! My mom and dad said they give me two weeks before I’m pacing the house bored out of my mind, Kentan gives me one…


The Vibe


What I’m thinking about for this week:

Perspective: I need to keep perspective during the job hunt. Things do not happen overnight and I need to stay calm and keep perspective that it may take a million emails, but a job will come.

I also need to keep perspective that Kentan and I will only be apart for three months. I’m trying not to be a total DQ (drama queen) but it’s hard sometimes when I think about how far we’ve come since I arrived.

Enjoying the time I have left: This includes with the Greek friends I have made, and of course with K. The whole reason I made this trip was to start my life with Kentan. I am so thankful that I did because this experience has made us so much closer.

Staying Organized: So begins my list making…

  • List of things I will ship home
  • List of small gifts for the family
  • List of things to leave for Kentan
  • List of things to NOT FORGET

My Boots: If you’re close to me, you call me “B.” My mother sends the bumble B emoji instead of using my name. My friends forget that “Bianca” is my real name, that’s just how it goes. I walked by this shoe store the other day and saw black suede boots with Bumble Bee’s on them, so it was a no brainer.

I dragged my Greek girl with me the next day (and convinced her to buy a pair of shoes too) and they were 50% off. I got these boots for 15 EURO!! Pics to come, need a good fit to show them off.

Goal > Take More Pictures: I know my time here is winding down, so my goal is to take more pictures. My Greek girl has agreed to help me out in this department. I want this blog to be full of my Greek scenery, because it really is so beautiful.

INSPIRATION: I’m proud to say that I made a small step toward telling more people about B this week. My initial feeling was fear. I was afraid of what people would say, if they would make fun of me, or if they would even care.

Last week I was texting my best friend from home and I told her, “btw I started a blog” and she said “Girl, I know I follow you on Pinterest and I’m waiting on your next one.” Never did I think she would like it, because if there was anyone who was gonna call me out it was her. I was so relieved, and I was pumped.

With that and my boyfriends constant support and persuasion to share it, that’s exactly what I did. I’m not going to lie, because of my who my boyfriend is and where we went to college I don’t have many fans. I had a small group of best friends and I minded my business. I was SO afraid these people would find it and tear me apart.

Honestly though, who cares?

I did this, and am doing this for me. So my vibe this week is bravery because I did something that scared me and I’m going to keep doing it no matter who sees, who cares, and who reads.


being brave

WELLNESS: Friday Workout

WELLNESS: Friday Workout

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THE VIBE: New Year!

THE VIBE: New Year!

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