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WELLNESS: Alone Time

WELLNESS: Alone Time

Balancing: Alone time


If there is one skill I have perfected since I graduated it is definitely how I handle all of my alone time. This skill didn’t start in Greece, it started during my first job after UCONN.

My first job was for a luxury car account at a big sports marketing company. Basically, I flew to a location and handled the sponsorship and activation at local charity golf tournaments. The trips took three days; one to fly there, one to work the event, and one to fly home. We had a VERY small budget to work with and if it wasn’t food and gas for a rental car we had to pay for it ourselves. I think it’s very possible that my father paid me during this job more than my paycheck did.

When I realized what the job entailed I was so confused. These people were telling me that I’m going to fly all over the country, rent a car, and worst of all was I would have to eat in restaurants … alone…? These are the same thoughts I I had when it was decided that I would move to Greece. What would I do while Kentan was at practice, or an away game or doing some team activity?

I’ve become v good at filling my alone time. My friend actually told me that I’m probably going to find so many things I’m good at and never knew about. Which actually was so true! Like I said in my introduction post on The Vibe, I need things that are just mine. My boyfriend has his basketball world and other than watching the games I have little to do with that. These are some things I do when I’m alone, and need something that is just for me.

Caution: I’m really not an introvert at all, but this post deff makes me sound like a loner.


Working Out

I am someone who HAS to work out alone. I will never be that person who works out with a friend, absolutely not my boyfriend, basically any spectator at all. Working out is something that I need to be 100% focused on and not because I’m some hardo fitness junkie. I go to the gym with a plan and I get it done quick quick. There is no chatting with friends or hanging out. To be completely honest the gym is somewhere I go to exercise so I when I’m eating something chocolate later, I’m not feeling guilty. Just trying to balance out my diet and my sweet tooth.



I’ve always had really strange study habits. When I was in college I couldn’t study with people talking around me. I did need background noise, but there couldn’t be any audible conversations (crazy I know). I’m the same way with writing for B, and reading which I love to do. When I’m alone I like going to the cafes to drink the coffee while reading my kindle, or writing.

Taking Pictures/Exploring

With my new Christmas Camera I’ve been learning some basic photography skills. Trikala is so small and cute so I love walking around and snapping some pics. In my Christmas Edition of The Vibe you can see some of my pictures! I am in no means claiming to be a photographer but I’m deff having fun trying.


Something Selfish

I may live in a third world country, but I still have my standards. When I was traveling for work I always checked out the local shopping scene (Sorry again Dad and Amex). Trikala was no different, there was a whole world of European fashion that I got to check out! Besides shopping its always nice getting my nails done, or doing a face/hair mask. I feel like its important to do nice things for yourself, its okay to give yourself a reward.


Catching up with family

I saved the most important thing for last. I’m not very good at answering texts or phone calls right away. My friends always joke that I might as well just leave my phone at home because I never answer it. There have been numerous occasions where I do go out without it (sorry Shanti). When I get my alone time, I always check e-mails, texts to be sure I respond, and call my Mom and Dad. The time difference in Greece makes it tough but I do my best to answer everyone. It’s super important to me to keep in touch with everyone at home.

These are my never fail things to do when I’m alone. While I’m in Greece I do find myself alone more often than not, but I think traveling across the country during my first job was a nice prep course. Do you have some self-care tips for alone time? Let me know in the comments!

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