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THE VIBE: The Christmas Edition

THE VIBE: The Christmas Edition

THE VIBE: The Christmas Edition

My vibes post for this week is VERY late. It was a stressful week trying to figure out if I can stay in Greece or not. I admit wasn’t exactly inspired. To throw Christmas & New Years on top of it, I was not in a balanced place.

My mother always tells me that I control my thoughts and feelings. I’ve been having a hard time controlling my emotions during the Christmas season because point blank, I miss my family. My mantra for the past couple of days has been, “I am where I am supposed to be,” and doing some reflecting I truly believe this. After a couple days of quality time with K,  I am positive that there is nowhere else I want to be.

My current situation:

It’s Christmas Eve and Kentan has practice today. I am lounging on a couch in the lobby area robbing the good wifi.

What I’m thinking about for this holiday:

Get over it: I am obviously not the first person to be away from their family over the holidays. How dramatic that I thought I would be miserable and alone, when there are so many people in the world who HAVE to be away from their families over the holiday season.

I am so thankful that I have a wonderful family waiting for me to get home, for my wonderful boyfriend and for the wonderful experience I have been given.


Finding the balance: How do I find some balance and get into the Christmas spirit while being away from my loved ones?

My Camera: My mother has made it her job to send us top notch care packages. The latest package was from “Santa” himself! She sent us each a very generous gift, and the cutest stockings stuffed with our favorite candy and new toothbrushes (thanks Ma)! My gift was an amazing Nikon camera that I have been taking total advantage of. Kentan got basketball sneakers that he doesn’t want to wear at practice because they’re too pretty (LOL).

Here are some pics of the town I took to test out my Christmas Present!


Making our own traditions: After doing googling the hell out of “Holidays away from home.” I did my best to make it feel like Christmas here. I decorated our room with lights, and hung Christmas ornaments from every light fixture in our room. I got a Christmas tree scented candle and hung the stockings my mother sent up.

I can tell Kentan is doing his best to make sure I’m happy (so sweet) so last night we got dressed up and went to dinner. Then we took my new camera and I made him pose EVERYWHERE, I think he is a legit GQ model. Then we went and got drinks at a taverna not too far away. Check out our photo shoot…


Posing for his personal paparazzi


Not Rockefeller but it'll do


another GQ pose...

Natural Habitat

Natural Habitat


Handsome dinner date


Kentan perfecting his cam skills


yelling at the stray to look at the camera


my Christmas themed drink we couldn't figure out the flavor of!


Tomorrow we are going to exchange the one gift we agreed to get each other, and then make a gingerbread house courtesy of the Santa package via Mom. I believe there is hopes of going to church, and then a nice dinner! Some FaceTime with the fam will deff be happening as well.

On a different note I need to tell you ALL about the most thoughtful present I have ever received.

If you couldn’t tell from my Homey Touch post, I have a thing for candles. On Thursday I got the cutest little package from my hometown. When I opened it up there was a cube box with a sticker in the shape of the states and it says “No place like home.” Inside was a Connecticut scented candle … now I know you’re thinking wtf does CT smell like; but this candle made me cry in .5 seconds.

My amazing cousin and godmother Nicole, went through the trouble of shipping me something internationally. USPS  is expensive and a complete pain in the ass. She did her research and found a candle made in Connecticut, that is scented Connecticut. I can’t get over how smart and great of an idea this is. Apparently Connecticut smells like Apple Cider donuts, and now so does our hotel room!

Honestly, it’s such a simple thing but it was one of the most thoughtful and well planned gifts ever. I had a full blown photoshoot because everything about it from the packaging to the note on the cap was just too cute. I definitely suggest buying gifts from the site for just the packaging itself. Find the ETSY site is here. 


ETSY candle



Inspiration: Merry Christmas from Greece everyone! I hope you all have a wonderful holiday with your loved ones. Take a second to realize how blessed your lives truly are.


Happy Holidays