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TRENDING: Christmas Presents

TRENDING: Christmas Presents

Balancing: Your holiday to-do list in a short amount of time

Christmas Presents done fast & right!

I come from a very creative family. My mother is an art teacher and my father does really amazing custom carpentry. When the holidays come around I always try to give a couple DIY gifts, TBH my family just appreciates them so much more. Usually, I put a lot of work and thought into my Christmas presents, but this year being abroad it’s been a lot more difficult.

Last Christmas…

I made each family a wreath/ornament made of wine corks and I incorporated some weaving and gold paint. The year before I made each of my aunts a painted wine glass (which eventually washed off oops). I promise we don’t have an alcohol problem, we’re Italian and we love the wine. The year I painted wine glasses  I remember I bought my mom a (fake) fur vest that I was SO proud of; it was designer, on sale and beautiful. She loved the vest, but as soon as she saw the wine glass it was tears and emotion all over the place. Recently we had a little hiccup in our schedule and we thought I may be home for Christmas after all. Meaning I would need to shop, wrap and prep in such a short amount of time. Automatically my Pinterest hat went on and I started looking up quick and cute gifts I could make for everyone.


My criteria was

  • Inexpensive
  • Quick
  • Tasteful
  • Not a lot of running around (grocery store/craft store)
  • Something I would like to have

Homemade sweets with cute wrapping

This trick is so good for coworkers, family members and friends! I saw a couple great videos on Facebook for homemade candy or a delish trail mix! If you know a certain family member loves your chocolate macaroons box them up a couple and wrap it nice! I love this Pinterest recipe by  for ice tray chocolates too, these would be so cute with cellophane and a pretty Christmas ribbon. One trip to the grocery store and  a Michael’s or Joann Fabrics run and all your gifts can be done in one shot! Check out my chocolate cut out cookie recipe here, these are a great thing to wrap up and gift!

Christmas Presents

Wrapped Wine Bottle with Homemade Card

Besides baking, alcohol is always a yes. There are endless ways to wrap up wine bottles, I’ve even painted a couple. For my fathers birthday this year I actually put a picture of him and I on a label and stuck it to a wine bottle it was super cute, you can do that for Christmas too! I also love these cards using paint chips for the Christmas trees. A bottle of alcohol and a cute card is great for all the families! I love this wrapping trend with the pine and greenery attached!

Painted Mugs

This one is a little more time consuming but I saw a great pin for painted mugs! This one would probably require a TJ Maxx stop, and a craft store run. You can even put some extra cookies/treats inside. Last year my brother’s girlfriend make these addictive pretzels with Carmel and milk chocolate, then put them in a monogrammed mug and wrapped them so sweet. I literally ate all the pretzels while we were unwrapping gifts on Christmas morning … I like the pin below because of the letters, but I would avoid the polka dots!


Framed Family Pictures

One thing my family always does is reframe classic pictures. My aunt is famous for finding some hidden gems and putting them in great frames for us. I have a whole wall in my bedroom dedicated to family photo’s she has blown up and decorated for me. This year my mom is making each of the grandkids a collage of pictures of our grandparents! When my Grandpa was in the Navy he would send polaroid selfies to my gram and write love letters on the back (swoon).  

Monogrammed Tote Bag

Another craftier one that will take more time, but less errands is a monogrammed tote bag. The craft stores deff have these simple totes and its a great way to promote green grocery shopping! Make sure you have enough time for the paint to dry, I love the link below because they use a doily to make a cute print! I would do one of these for each of my aunts with their first initial.   This bag was done by Ashley Sycamore she’s the owner and writer of Under the Sycamore