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TRAVEL: My Carry-On

TRAVEL: My Carry-On

Balancing: Packing your whole life in two bags and staying organized.

TRAVEL: My Carry-On

True Life: I am an organization freak

At the beginning of each day I make a to-do list. When I was packing to move to Greece it was no different. I had lists for things I had to do like cancel gym memberships, go to every doctor under the sun and get cleared, and simple stuff like getting my nails/eyebrows done. When it came to packing I was no different, even with my carry-on.

I bought this amazing bag that I actually saw first on Instagram.  The brand is Lo & Sons (@lo&sons) and the bags are a great size with so many compartments. They come in different colors and sizes but I bought the Cataline Deluxe Large in Dove Gray (it’s on sale right now!!). I just saw they came out with a backpack too and that might be my next purchase.



The bag has a bottom pocket that zips all the way around the perimeter of the bag. I fit 6 pairs of shoes in this compartment! Two pair of sandals and three pairs of sneakers and my slippers. It saved SO much room in my luggage.

Laptop & Travel Documents

The bag is also large enough to fit your laptop while it is in the case. I also put my travel documents, paperwork and passport right in there with it. The bag was deep enough to keep my computer vertical!

Change of Clothes

When traveling to another country I always recommend bringing a change of clothes. I was sitting on a plane from NY to Istanbul for ten hours and when I got off all I wanted to do was put clean clothes on. There’s something about the combo of sitting in plane germs and sitting down for ten hours straight that really grosses me out. After my laptop I rolled up a pair of leggings a T shirt, clean underwear and deodorant.

Can you believe after all of this I STILL had room in this carry-on?!

Boyfriends Clothes

I had enough room left in the bag to vacuum up TWELVE items of my boyfriend’s in a plastic bag. Before I left CT I bought these unreal vacuum zip bags at the dollar store. The first time I found them at the dollar store I bought five.After I used them all I went back and bought five more. One of them fit in my Catalina Deluxe and the other nine went in my luggage!


Next and always close to me just in case were my chargers. My computer charger, my Kindle charger and my phone charger. They were all neatly rolled up with rubber bands around them.

Last Minute Essentials:


I actually think I used an ENTIRE stick of chapstick on my first flight. I tried to sleep the first couple hours away and when I woke up I was parched and had the driest lips ever. If you have super dry skin like me, I suggest bringing some face lotion. I brought my Cetaphil and put it on a couple times to keep from looking scaly.


I am in by no means suggesting a medicated coma for you all, but I am the type of person who needs to sleep on the plane. In order for me to sleep even a little I need the help from my dear friend ZZZquil. However, I was so hyped to see my man after being apart for two months that I only slept for 2 hours total.

Empty Water Bottle

If you read my post here, I mention my Brita Bottle that I received from mom last Christmas. I brought this bottle with me and each time the flight attendant walked by I had her fill it up. I have a lot of weird pet peeves, one of them being when they give you cups of beverages and you have to chug them in order to put your table up. So I always bring Brita to make sure I have something to drink.


My beloved Kindle Paper white was slipped inside in the small pocket with the Lo & Sons logo


My phone was put on the outside pocket between the two handles for easy access.


This bag was a lifesaver.

I fit so many things that I otherwise would have had to put in my suitcase. The things listed are also my carry-on essentials, if you guys have any of your own let me know in the comments!!