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THE VIBE: Bianca VS. Greece

THE VIBE: Bianca VS. Greece

THE VIBE: Overstaying My Welcome in Greece

One of the reasons it’s difficult being the girlfriend of an overseas athlete; when you’re not married it’s hard to stay abroad  for the whole season. I arrived in Greece in early October and I am expected to leave in early January. This week I was trying to solve this problem and I ran into some super bad luck.

In Greece:  Americans do not need a visa; they’re allowed to stay for 90 days and then they have to leave for 180. Clearly this is a problem because the bf’s season is longer than that. My wonderful Greek friend is doing her absolute best to help me stay here, she is a literal angel. We decided to take this into our own hands because she knows everyone and their mother in this town.

This week was filled with police station visits, running all over the town translating documents and OH LOSING MY PASSPORT IN A FOREIGN COUNTRY!!!!

Let me start from the beginning: My friend found out that I would have to leave in January so she called her father, who called his friend, who called his friend who agreed to meet with me and help. Friday morning we woke up early and walked to an office building where there was a “foreigner” department.

She was asking everyone if they knew where this specific person was, they pointed us to an office and we waited for about 20 minutes. When someone finally walked in she explained who and what we were looking for and everyone seemed very confused. Come to find out we were in the forrest office, not the foreigners office.

Greece: 1 Bianca: 0

Then after walking all over this building and finding no one and nothing helpful she called her father and tried to figure out where the HELL we were supposed to go. He said no, not the government offices, the police station!

Greece: 2 Bianca: 0

We walked to the police station and FINALLY found this mystical woman who was supposed to solve all of my problems. It was the most confusing and suspenseful situation I have ever been in. My friend, this woman and her co worker were going back and forth in Greek for over an hour without translating and filling me in on what is going on.

She finally turned to me and said “Ok, there are only two options: get married here, or we have to prove you have a medical condition”

Greece: 3 Bianca: 0

My heart was in my throat and I almost cried in the office of a woman I have never met before. My friend was trying her best to help me and asked me what kind of paperwork I had brought with me. I showed them everything I have and once they saw I had health insurance in America the whole story changed.

Greece: 3 Bianca: 1

They gave me a list of 10 things I needed to do in order to stay and they scheduled an interview with the Director of the police department. From there he will decide how much longer I can stay. From the police station we walked all the way back to town where we went to a lawyer who would translate my insurance and criminal record (It’s clean just so you know). Then we went to get new passport pictures taken, and the last step was to get my passport photo copied. Once we got to the store I went to get my passport out of my folder and it was GONE.

Greece: 4 Bianca: 0

I honestly think I blacked out, how would they let me stay in a country with no passport? How would I get anywhere without my passport? What am I supposed to tell the Director of the police that I want to stay but I was an airhead and dropped my passport somewhere? HOW WOULD I GET ANYWHERE WITHOUT MY PASSPORT???

We retraced our steps three times (17,386 steps) and did not find it. Then we went to ask shop owners and finally my friend called the radio stations to see if anyone found an American passport. All we could do was wait and see if it turned up, if it didn’t I would need to go to Athens and apply for a new one.

Greece: 5 Bianca: -1

After crying for two hours, apologizing to my friend a million times, and then crying for two more hours my friend called me to tell me they FOUND MY PASSPORT!! It was waiting at the police station and I had to pick it up in the morning. At about 10:00 PM Kentan gets a phone call to come downstairs into the lobby immediately. He walked into our room with a huge smile and handed me the passport. A manager of the team went and got it for me! Now there were tears of happiness and relief.

Greece: 5 Bianca: Who the hell cares I had my passport back

My vibe for this week is:

When life is stressful do your best to keep calm and stay organized. I don’t know where and I don’t know how I lost my passport but I do know that I am so thankful it turned up. I hope this is a sign that everything will work out I am meant to stay here after all.

Happy Monday Everyone! May your week be filled with positivity, balance and great vibes!


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