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TRAVEL: Trikala, Greece

TRAVEL: Trikala, Greece

Balancing: being a homebody and choosing to move across the world

I remember the first day the location Trikala, Greece was mentioned.

I just got back from picking Kentan up from the airport and I was sitting on the couch. He had just got back from practicing with a team and I asked if he knew where we were going. He said his agent called and a small team in Greece made an offer.

I heard “Greece” and my stomach dropped.

I don’t know if my stomach dropped because I was scared, or because it was so far. We discussed our options, and the best one was that in a month I would meet him there. I’m not going to lie, It took a while for me to accept the fact that I was moving away from my family and my friends. I knew I wasn’t going because I didn’t think that we would survive a long distance relationship. I was going because living together in a different country, just the two of us, would bring us closer than ever.

So, October 5, 2017 I left out of JFK and started the next chapter of my life.

Obviously, before I moved here I googled and googled but there is so little information about Trikala, GR. I couldn’t figure out the climate, the environment or even the shopping. I had no idea what I was in for and not even the internet could help me figure it out. As soon as I got here I realized quick that I wasn’t in CT anymore. I spent my first couple of days here walking the city, figuring out my new coffee order and doing my school work online.

Trikala Greece is known for three things: mountains, water and dairy.

I was at alone at a cafe one day during my first week and the owners daughter asked me if I needed a friend, as if it was our first day of kindergarten and we were looking desperate for a hand to hold! Now that friend takes me everywhere, and is my personal translator because her english is perfect. She introduced me to her friends, one of them being a photographer! Valandis takes these amazing nature shots of places in our town. I’ll leave his information at the bottom and all of the pics in this article are his. He’s a fab photographer and he’s an even nicer person.


Our first trip together was early Monday morning to a flea market. There is this unreal market every Monday and Tuesday where vendors come and sell everything from fresh vegetables to knockoff Nike clothing. Kentan is v addicted to the pears here, so every Monday I wake up, grab coffee and go to the market to buy 2 KG of pears.


I’m going to give you the Bianca definition: Meteora is a mountain that holds one of the largest monasteries of the Eastern Orthodox. There are six separate monasteries and each sit on top of enormous naturally formed “pillars.” The experience is just breath taking, to know that this whole thing was formed by nature had me dumbfounded at shockingly at a loss for words.



One thing about Trikala is that everyone has flawless skin, not one blemish. At first I thought holy hell these people have some magic serum that I need. After asking I learned that Trikala has the best water quality in Greece. Not just for your skin, but to drink as well. The TINY town of Trikala sends water all over Europe for drinking and to help in over populated area’s. I don’t know anywhere in the U.S. you can go to a waterfall or a random body of water in nature and drink it without a worry in the world. At Palaiokaria Bridge you can drink, bathe  or even live in the water with absolutely no risks at all.



My past two months in Trikala have been a huge adjustment, but how many people get to say they moved to another country at the age of 23?

I’m seeing, eating and experiencing amazing things and what else can I ask for? I’m a homebody and a total momma’s girl but I was due for an adventure. Life is all about balance, so I’m experimenting with an adventure, and we’ll see how the rest goes!


Photographer: Valandis Giannoulas

Instagram: @valandis_g