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WELLNESS: Green Smoothie Cleanse

WELLNESS: Green Smoothie Cleanse

Balancing: your health and your wallet

Balancing your Body:

The easy, affordable green smoothie cleanse

Let me start my saying, this green smoothie cleanse is intended for women going through menopause (sorry mom) but I loved it and it made me feel great!! I feel like it shouldn’t matter how old you are to pay attention to complicated things like toxins, your liver and your energy level. I know when I read this information I said “My liver is doing what with toxic huh…” So give it a chance because it’s a cheap way to make your body feel great.

This woman Julie Dargan, refers to herself at the “Menopause Whisperer,” but like I said health and cleansing is great no matter how old you are! Honestly, nothing makes me feel better than knowing I am putting fresh, healthy ingredients inside of my body. I’d love you tell you I’ve tried a million and one of those trendy cleanses but I’m gonna be honest and say I’m too cheap, and I’m too hungry. My mother found a smoothie “challenge” online, and it was in addition to your normal diet, rather than instead of. So obviously we both jumped at the chance.


My Sparknotes version of What How & Why

What it does: help clean out liver bones and energy level

– Liver: detoxifying harmful toxins into substances that can be safely eliminated from the body

    • Toxins get into your body through cosmetics, drugs pesticides, food additives etc.
  • Most of these toxins stay locked into fat cells and this is why its hard to lose weight

How it does it: When the liver is working slowly or has built up toxins that cause inflammation its harder for your system to get rid of the bad stuff. By eating food that helps maintain a healthy liver we can help our own system eliminate the bad and keep the good nutrition.

Why we should try it: It only takes 5 days and a blender & will make you feel fab


Shopping List: On page 14 of Julie’s guide there is a shopping list and let me break it down for you here, for the five days you will need


I’m not going to post all of the recipe’s (in the guide it starts on page 15) but I will post my thoughts on each because I deff thought some of them would be a struggle to get down

Day One: Pollution Solution

Not going to lie to you my mother and I did NOT want to try this one so we did it last (ha!) but when we actually got the guts to try it, it was NOT that bad at all! I did put an extra slice of lemon in to get rid of the tomato taste and it was so good and refreshing.

Day Two: Apple Delight

My fave for sure, can’t taste the spinach and the as long as you use good apples it’ll taste amazing. I ate mine at 11 AM as a snack before I went to the gym and did some cardio. That says a lot for me because running is always a hard no from me, but today I wanted to work up a sweat.

Day Three: Berry Delight

Since we did this in October, the berries weren’t exactly sweet and delicious. All I tasted was banana which was okay. It was easy to get down and I was feeling great when I woke up in the morning.

Day Four: The Rehydrator

So so good! Just a warning to blend up the orange really good, otherwise you’ll get all that stringy mess in there which wasn’t easy to swallow. My mother and I altered this a little after the cleanse and added some ginger and tumeric.. yum.

Day Five: Inspired by Bali

By day 5 I was feeling great, and energized. This one was great too and although I’m not a kale person it wasn’t a harsh flavor for me. I tasted more parsley to be honest, but it didn’t bother me at all.

I’m not saying you’ll turn into a crunch granola hipster after this, but it is a great way to put your mind and body at ease. My mom and I loved it so much that we kept it going after the 5 days. I hope you love this as much as we did, it definitely helps keep your mind and body in balance!

Check out her website here

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