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Balancing: My shopping addiction and my savings account

Greek Style: Pajamas, fitness clothing and underwear.. What else is there?

It was a tough week hearing about, watching snap stories about, and seeing everyones cute family posts about Thanksgiving. It was also a little awkward at breakfast when my boyfriend said I looked miserable, which led to some tears and blubbering something about wanting turkey. Obviously Greece doesn’t have Thanksgiving, but shockingly something they do have is Black Friday!

Black Friday in Trikala, Greece

When I tell you that you couldn’t tell the difference between these small Greek streets and the streets of Rockefeller Center at Christmas I am not kidding. These people don’t mess around with a good sale. The sale’s weren’t huge like the craziness of the American Black Friday. Most of the sale’s within walking distance of our hotel were anywhere between 25% and 40% off. My saint of a boyfriend attempted to buy me an AMAZING coat from a nearby boutique that I’ve been eyeing, but he said it was a zoo and someone pushed him so he left!

I attempted to walk around and “window shop” Friday night and wandered into a store with a sale, and cute front window’s (these are the things that attract me to stores). As soon as I walked in I realized thatI walked into the Greek version of Victorias Secret. I had to physically remove myself from the store after finding a pair of incredibly warm leggings, and the cutest pair of workout leggings. Below you can see my finds, I’ve linked my faves. OYSHO delivers internationally as well, so American girls need this store in their lives pronto.


Perfect for hanging out and going to a work out, completely in love with these knee hole leggings 

This is supposed to be lingerie but I would totally rock it as a dress

These are the leggings I had to forcefully put down, but TBH I want this whole set, can I live in it?

How about this sweater… sign me up


Honestly, I love getting dressed up and going out for a good time. However, 98% of the rest of my life I’m in comfortable, warm and affordable clothes. OYSHO is legit and everyone needs it in their shopping rotation stat.



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