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THE VIBE: The First Edition

THE VIBE: The First Edition

One of my most important morals: Good Vibes Only

The Vibe will be a weekly post where I talk about my thoughts, throw some motivation & inspiration, as well as send you all some good vibes for the upcoming week.

It’s hard for me to put into words on how the decision to start a blog came to be. Obviously, moving to another country has been a huge adjustment. Now, I’m living a life filled with basketball and honestly, I never thought that would happen. It was time for me to have something that was 100% me; something with my opinions about my life that I could sink my heart and soul into. I believe this is it.

So, to start off my first edition of The Vibe I’m going to help you all understand my concept of balance a little better. The concept came to be because my first week in Greece I called my mother and said “Mom, I’ve been lying in bed all day and I have no motivation to get up and go work out.” She answered with, “Fitness fits into a balanced lifestyle; it is not the focus. That would tip the scale.” This is a perfect example of how I was raised. Life is always about being responsible and doing the right thing, but what is life if we’re not having fun while it’s happening?

There are important serious things like finances, health and a career are obviously all really important. However, if you spend your whole life worrying about a budget or eating 100% organic plant based food, or getting the promotion life will just kind of pass you by. There’s a different between what you should do, and what you want to do. Sometimes you need a huge cheeseburger, or you need that life changing pair of shoes, or you need to leave work little early to do something special for yourself.

Life is simply a balancing act, you should be able to do what you want, and you can definitely do what you need!!

My current situation: I am sitting in the “CafeBar” of what I’m calling home for the next five months. Kentan is sitting next to me watching a basketball game, and there is a Greek man talking way too loud on the phone.

What I’m thinking about for this week: 

LESS DESSERT: I know I’m in Europe, but I seriously need to stop with the dessert. After every single meal, the waiter/waitress gives us dessert and I can never say no to chocolate… Yeah a diet takes balance too, but I definitely need to throw some chill out there.

NEW GLUTE WORKOUT: Last week I tried a butt work out that I saw on COSMO’s snap story and it was KILLER. Going to try to put a version of it at the end of my workouts this week, if I can handle it I may add another rotation of it.

CANDLES: So random, but now that we live in a hotel and won’t be home in a familiar place for a couple months it is crazy how much a familiar smell changes the whole feel in our room. My mother sent us a Yankee Candle Pumpkin Spice jar and our room smells amazing. It feels like just another fall day in CT. Check out my post where I go into detail about candles I brought with me!

INSPIRATION: Found this on Instagram, absolutely loved it..

Happy Monday Everyone! May your week be filled with positivity, balance and great vibes!